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Contempo Technologies had a cooking frenzy last Saturday. Cooking has always been women’s pride for centuries to go. There is famous saying ‘A way to a man’s heart is through stomach’ and with this weapon, women were always able to impress their men. Cooking is not simple task and it needs proper planning and execution even if one ingredient is mixed up, the whole dish becomes a waste.

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Girls are always melodious. Hence music is a part and parcel in every girls life.
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Weekends are mostly welcomed by girls. And hence by our Contempo dolls too.
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When it comes to gossips,girls would be the active participants obviously.
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Girls in contempo like to dance,It helps them to build up a wide range of gross and excellent speed.
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The holiday seasons are so jolly. You are invited to our contempo Night Party.
You might be wondering to know that we guys celebrate Annual day just similar to our school and college days. The only difference is that there is no boundary line for the fun we have here in our Contempo.
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When your loved ones have decided to fix, it's only expected that you want to celebrate them with a wonderful wedding.
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Cookery is fine art.Our Contempo cooking kings and queens are also showing their talent.
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We know that few girls would be highly fragile than others.
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Sun, Jan 22


Tue, Jan 31

Kosala Devi M.

Mon, Feb 6

Fazil Fahath

Sun, Feb 12

Brindha A R

Mon, Feb 20


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World cup Cricket 2011

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